About Villa Dolce

Demo Image The Story of Villa Dolce

After 16 years in the restaurant business, Faton and Jerry Lumani wanted to open a modern Italian cafe like those they grew up with in Europe. Places where guests spent evenings lounging and carousing with friends over authentic pizzas, fresh gelato, and shared bottles. A place that was more concerned with patrons savoring time with friends and food, than in turning tables.

Reviving an historic building in downtown Middleton, Faton opened the doors in 2006, building Villa Dolce into the vibrant and popular place that it is today. The menu?s focus is on artisan pizzas topped with unique, irresistible combinations of fresh ingredients, complemented by house-made gelato, a diverse selection of wine and intriguing cocktails.

With great food and an easy atmosphere, Villa Dolce brings something new to Middleton. As Faton will tell you, People should dine out with friends, relax, unwind, and take time to enjoy their food. Food is life. People who agree with that...this is their place.